What I'd Buy if it Wasn't Already Mine...

Can you believe it? Another SALE at teacherspayteachers? I am so excited to start my {new} year inspired to teach and grabbing a number of new and wishlisted resources this week will make me even more excited!

Since my whole store is on sale, I'd thought I'd quickly share with you what I would buy from myself if I didn't already own it, why I love it, and what others have said about the resource. This is also a fun way to remind you that it's a great time to grab some of my higher priced items at a steal!

1) Words their Way Word Searches and the Derivational Relations Notebook Activities

I can't say enough about how Words their Way's Word Sort books changed my instruction and planning in regards to Word Study. In addition, having my Word Searches for the word sorts for all of my word study groups was the most amazing feeling! Now that I have them all ready to go, I can assess and print what I need for each group. I've written a ton about my belief in these Word Searches and find that having students search for word patterns in this way is SO valuable when it comes to spelling growth. You can read more about my Word Study routines and tips and my Derivational Relations Notebook activities. (Note: these do not come in a bundle, but are a steal at 28% off!)

What Inspired Teachers Said about this resource: 

*“This resource is very well put together. The organization of it is easy to follow and the resources are of quality.” {Derivational Relations Notebook Activities}

* “Finding thoughtful resources for gifted students is always a challenge. Thank you for creating this great resource.”

* “I am presently working with 3 WTW groups and I need some activities for independent work that aren’t nonsense. These fit the bill!”

And quite possibly my most favorite feedback ever

“I just bought the BLUE and the GREEN word searches. I wasn't sure at first, thinking they might be too "busy workish", but I watched the kids and was impressed by how they were talking about what they were looking for. My very low (sort 1) Green fifth grade group was stymied by looking for one syllable words and then sorting by spelling pattern. It was an eye opener, I realized they had no clue as to what a "spelling pattern" was! Thank you! I find these to be useful.”

2) Multiplication Intervention Tasks

{grab the bundle for all multiples or buy them individually} My Multiplication Intervention tasks make me so happy! Help students increase their number sense by looking for patterns in multiples, completing multiple "word searches," looking for the "number that doesn't belong," and figuring out "what's the missing multiple." These activities are perfect for number talks. I have all of the cards on a ring and pull them out often at the beginning of math to get students thinking!

What Inspired Teachers Said about this resource:

* "This is great to use with my intervention group!”

* “Using this with my daughter—I like the way it makes her think about multiples!”

* “I am so glad I came across these!” 

3) My newest product {literally uploaded Monday night at 12} is a huge labor of love. I've created a Leveled Math Assessment program and after two years of mulling over it and attempting to create the assessments, I finally have the Multi-Digit Multiplication Assessments ready. Not only do these assessments include multiplication computation, but you get leveled assessments on 4 other concepts--multiplying by multiples of 10, multi-step word problems, multiplicative comparison problems, and factors/multiples/prime/composite. Each assessment has three versions making them excellent for pre-assessing, post assessing, and review. {I will write a more detailed post about my leveled math assessments later this week, but I really WOULD grab these at the sale if I didn't already own them. It will be such a relief when I have these ready for the whole 4th and 5th grade math curriculum and I can just pull them out for each unit!}You can read about them in full detail by downloading my preview file.

What Inspired Teachers Said about this resource:

“Love this. Great concept and product!”

I'm patiently awaiting more awesome feedback on this new labor of love! 

4) If Human Body Systems, Ecosystems, Force and Motion, or Weather are in your science curriculum, you can grab a bundle of my illustrated research projects. I LOVE these science products because science is not my strongest subject area and these resources all have the vocabulary AND definitions embedded into the pages and require students to draw to show what they have learned--an opportunity for drawing to spark science learning? I LOVE IT!

What Inspired Teachers Said about this resource: 

“A really complete package. Great information and allows for many different levels of work>" {Human Body Systems}

Actually, this might be my most favorite feedback ever:

THIS IS THE ONE OF THE TOP 3 MOST INCREDIBLE RESOURCES I"VE PURCHASED ON TPT!!!! Thank you!!! My students used the graphic organizers and used them how they wished. Their independent research on the internet and using references knocked this project out of the park. They went way more in depth than I realized they would. Thank you for such an organized and concise material to use in my classroom. This has been a joy to teach.

(Also for Human Body Systems)

Can you feel the inspiration and excitement?!?! 

“This packet was so easy to use! Thanks for the great resource! and "My kids created awesome critters because of this activity! The best part was the comparison chart, where they compared their critter to a classmate's critter. Lots of critical thinking going on! {Ecosystems Animal Research Project}

5) If you followed along with my 10 part series on Implementing the Community Meeting and did not grab my Morning Meeting Made Easy theme sets, now is the perfect time to buy the sets at a huge discount! It's never to late to start embedding personal development into your literacy lessons and theme focuses and these materials are print and go ready!

What Inspired Teachers Said about this resource:

“I am super excited about this! Our morning meeting has become a bit "stale," so I was looking for something that would encourage more participation. This fits the bill and also ties in well with our reading standards. Love it! Thank you :)”

“LOVE this product! I had already uploaded the Belonging packet for free. Once I saw it I went ahead and made this purchase too! I am very excited to begin using it next week on the first day of school!”

“Thank you for the guidance in getting me started with the morning meeting approach. My students are enjoying it so much!”

I hope you have an INSPIRED day and I really appreciate your time if you've made it this far through some of my favorite products! Wednesday is our first day back from a long MLK weekend.