Welcome to Tarheelstate Teacher!

This is the place where passionate teachers differentiation loversunite to create classroom environments that get results for our students...

and I'm talking about social and emotional growth, mindset and attitude changes, and yes, academic progress and achievement!

I'm talking about teaching in ways that you can feel great about--in the classroom and when you turn off the lights to go home at a decent hour.

If you've ever lost sleep over trying to figure out how you will meet the needs of all of your students, and especially that ONE student, while getting everything on your never-ending to-do list done at the same time...


If you've been yearning to push your classroom practice to new places without it costing you {all} of your extra time...

If you've ever thought, "There has to be a faster way for me to find the resources I need..."

If you are trying to balance your work load, stress level, and home life, while trying to remind yourself to cherish the moments, but your Ferris wheel of time revs so fast that all the trees become a blur...

You've come to the right place, friend!

You are a conscientious, caring, loving teacher!

You're an education enthusiast!

You exude passion for all subjects you teach (even if it's a front in one subject area, am I right?). You know that the guilt of slacking off in your classroom is worse than the hard work of getting it right.

However, you are someone's companion and family member, and/or fur-parent. And all those other important people in your life deserve your attention. Hell, you deserve to be a teacher while filling ALL the cups of your own soul too! So, you've got to find a better way!

As elementary teachers, many of us face the struggles of having.to.teach.it.ALL. I have been fortunate enough to teach in mini-departmentalized situations a few times in my career, and I know I benefited greatly from that focused attention on one specific subject, but for the majority of my career departmentalizing just wasn’t an option.

If you ever feel overwhelmed by the responsibility of being an upper-elementary teacher, I’m with you friend! We need classroom solutions that inspire us, that make learning fun for our students AND ourselves!

The Tarheelstate Teacher blog and my teaching resources will be most useful to 4th and 5th grade classroom teachers, but will also be inspiring for brand-new teachers, veteran teachers, math specialists, literacy coaches, and those of us who don’t feel like science is our strength {uhmmmm my hand is up!}. I know that you are a busy teacher with family and friends that also deserve your attention and time. I put resources and ideas at your fingertips that will allow you to be laser-focused when planning for your students. I’ve spent so many nights and weekends surfing the internet to find just*the*right resources for my teaching units and I want to alleviate some of that wasted time for you.

Our time is so precious! Yes, we are reminded again and again that we all have the same amount of time #24hoursinaday, but I dare say a teacher's "time" gets manipulated, drained, and stolen more than any other profession. We always have to be at the beckon call of our principals, parents, emails, and anyone else who walks through our door and wants to chat, and it often feels like we have to put the requests of others ahead of the needs of our students. 

We truly cannot continue to act as if we have all the time in the world. Routines, procedures, and refining what we have done in the past can save us a lot of time. We also can't come up with all of the ideas all on our own. We've got so much to teach {understatement of the year!}. An afternoon of prepping a lesson might last 45 minutes in the classroom. We have to find our teacher friends who speak our language, who feel the same about kids as we do, who teach in ways that we can relate to, while offering ideas to help us lift the level of our teaching, our motivation, and our passion.

Well, friend, I hope you feel that you've found the right place and know that you are welcome to stay for a while! Grab a beverage, kick up your feet, and relax! You deserve it!

Who is the Tarheelstate Teacher so you can see if we gel?

In a nutshell, I'm Tammy Roose, happily married and mom to a fiesty 8 year old angel girl. As an educator, I am most passionate about creating devoted, confident readers, thinking about the ins-and-outs of differentiated math instruction, and inspiring teachers to utilize our classroom platforms to build character and community. Providing students ample opportunities to master vocabulary in all content areas is also one of my strengths.

As a full-time teacher, I know that the resources you need, those that feel like you designed them yourself, where you say “This is so perfect, it’s just exactly what I need for the way I want to teach” are hard to come by. So, what can you expect from Tarheelstate Teacher? 

· Math resources and ideas that incorporate real-world themes, that provide for instant differentiation and rigor, and that help your students feel successful {Task Cards and Leveled Assessments are my jam!}

· Science and Literacy resources that scaffold content-area vocabulary for students and teachers who are new to the content

· Recommendations of chapter books and picture books that have touched me and my students’ hearts the most

· Practical and creative ideas that don’t cost you too much precious time or money but still allow you to provide amazing classroom experiences for your students

Are you ready to become part of the teacher change-maker movement?

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