Dealing with the Roadblocks of Implementing Morning Meeting

Has "Back to School" got you stressing yet? Well, hopefully I can be just the right dose of ibuprofen to ease your pain! Or cup of coffee, or glass of water--which ever you prefer, really :) Have you tried to implement a community meeting or morning meeting into your upper elementary classroom and struggled with the routines, management, finding the time or just having enough ideas for morning meeting to sustain it?

Well, I am thrilled to share with you that today I have the privilege of guest posting about morning meetings in the upper elementary classroom for my friend Kathie over at Tried and True Teaching Tools. I met Kathie a year ago at tpt Vegas and we have stayed in touch as online friends ever since. When she asked me to guest post on her blog, I thought "of course!," but when she suggested I write about Morning Meeting, I was so excited to figure out how to share my love of morning meeting on her blog! Well, I hope you will LOVE what I came up with.

morning meeting in the uppergrades back to school

Head over to Tried and True Teaching Tools to find out the 5 Roadblocks to Implementing Morning Meetings in your  upper elementary classroom (and yes, I will share how you can deal with those morning meeting routines, procedures, and scheduling challenges that we all face.)

And, stay tuned this week because I am working on sharing my typical back to school schedule and routine so you can see how I plan out my days for the first week back.

ARE YOU INTERESTED IN LEARNING MORE ABOUT MORNING MEETINGS? What about Morning Meeting Professional Development that you can WATCH and learn in your PJ's?

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Want to learn more about what the professional development is all about and what you will learn in the 5-day training? Head to this Morning Meeting Professional Development blog post where I've laid out all of the details for you!