Morning Meeting & Classroom Community Professional Development

Are you just getting started with morning meetings in the upper elementary classroom and looking for ideas and tips for how to implement them? Maybe you are considering including morning meetings into your school day, but aren’t sure of the real purpose or where to start.

Or, perhaps you’ve tried morning meetings but are now looking for ways to make them more valuable and sustainable this school year. 

If you are hoping to run daily morning meetings and are looking for ways to spice them up, GET MORE out of the time spent in classroom meetings, and make a greater impact on your students and your classroom community, you might just be interested in some “Getting More Out of Morning Meetings” professional development!


If you are in any of those "boats," I've got something for you!

I planned something exciting for Upper Elementary teachers to help us get ready for back to school----professional development in Morning Meetings!  I put together a 5-Day Morning Meeting PD to share some fresh ideas with you and tell you how I implement more meaningful morning meetings! 

The first year that I implemented morning meetings, I loosely followed the Responsive Classroom model. It was a great start for our classroom community, but I fizzled out in my commitment to morning meetings after the "back to school" season was over. 

> > > It wasn't until I realized the power of THEMES-IN-LITERATURE-BASED morning meetings that I truly committed to daily morning meeting lessons. I felt that I could push beyond morning messages, greetings, and sharing sessions to take my students to a deeper level of personal development and classroom community building. And boy, teacher-friend, was I RIGHT!  Theme-based morning meetings were LIFE-CHANGING for my self, my classroom, and my students. 

And, I'm excited to tell you all about them! 

This challenge will help you prepare your morning meeting PLAN OF ACTION.

You will: 

  • Ensure that you know WHY you want to include morning meetings in your schedule

  • Get crystal-clear on what you want your students to gain from morning meetings (so that you can find ways to increase the outcomes of time spent in morning meetings for students)

  • Learn about the structure and purpose of a THEME-BASED MORNING MEETING ROUTINE

  • Develop a plan for your first morning meeting theme unit (or see and follow mine!)

  • Discover ways that morning meeting can enhance the curriculum and standards that you are required to teach

  • and problem-solve how to fit classroom meetings into your schedule

Plus, you'll get at least three theme sets to get you started with morning meetings and tips for finding more resources. 

morning meeting pd guidebook blog.jpg


Just drop your information in the fields below and you'll get an email each day for the next 5 days that leads you through each video in the morning meeting PD.

So, how does an online challenge work? 

  • By signing up for the PD challenge, you will receive a FREE PDF guidebook to help you "Get MORE out of Morning Meetings." You will have BITE-SIZED assignments to think about before the daily online training and will fill in some of the information during the live trainings.

  • Each day of the challenge, I will send you an email reminder about the topic of the day and any tasks you should complete.

  • Join the private Facebook Group focused on Upper Elementary Morning Meetings where I've posted discussion questions and you can ask any questions you have!

  • The 5 videos are hosted on my Facebook page.

This challenge ran LIVE from July 23rd-July 27th, 2018, but you can do your own self-paced pd now!

The videos can be found on my Facebook page, but you'll want to sign up for the emails because that's where you'll get all of these free resources that I share during the challenge!

morning meeting pd free resources blog.jpg

Who is this challenge for? 

If you’re here to learn about morning meetings—-it’s for you! I've taught 4th and 5th grade, so this challenge will be geared towards upper elementary classrooms, but lower-grades teachers with interest in learning more about theme-based morning meetings and getting ideas for how they can take morning meetings to the next level have also found a wealth of information in this training.

Teachers from Kindergarten through high school have participated in this challenge and told me how much they benefited and gained new ideas for their classroom community from it! 

Are you super-excited, ready to participate in this MORNING MEETING PD challenge?

If so, you will be empowered to take baby-steps each day that will move you closer to having a well-planned, purposeful morning meeting routine during back to school and ALL.YEAR.LONG! 

I truly hope you will join us and that you share this opportunity with other teacher friends!  (Just send them a link to this post!)


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