Morning Meeting in the Upper Elementary Classroom: Blog Series

On Sunday, I announced my new blog series focused on Implementing the Community Meeting. Today I'm sharing my outline for the blog series that will give you in-depth information about my Community Meeting program. This series is geared towards upper-grades teachers, but I'd recommend my Community Meeting ideas for 3rd-12th grade (seriously on the need for many of these lessons for middle school and high school students) and a lowergrades' teacher could modify these ideas for their students.

Take a look at my list of topics and please leave me a comment if  you have a question that doesn't seem to be included in my plan of topics. I'd love to hear from you!

→ Post 1: Why I Devote Time to Classroom Meetings

→ Post 2: The Design: An Overview

→ Post 3: Why a Theme-Based Morning Meeting?

→ Post 4: Morning Meeting: Materials and Resources

→ Post 5: Launching Morning Meeting at the BOY

→ Post 6: Day by Day in the Morning Meeting

→ Post 7: Scheduling Classroom Meetings

→ Post 8: I Still Can't Fit it all In: Finding time for Morning Meetings

→ Post 9: A Structure for Solving Classroom Problems During Morning Meetings

→ Post 10: Justifying Your Morning Meetings (with the standards!)


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