What if you could spend a few weeks at the beginning of the year learning about students’ past experiences with being readers and helping them fall in love with reading?

Imagine a reader’s workshop where it is obvious that students have been taught to cherish reading, have been given the tools and opportunity to create their own “reading lives,” and adhere to agreed upon classroom norms that make your reading workshop run smoothly and meaningfully—not because they have been trained into submission, but because they actually WANT TO READ AND USE ALL THEIR TIME WISELY!

What would it take to build a classroom reading environment that constantly has a quiet hum during independent reading? A classroom where students are eager to come in and talk to one another about their nightly reading because they actually do their nightly reading?!

The first place i start is with a unit called “building a reading life.”

The BUILDING A READING LIFE UNIT helps students develop a sense of urgency about their reading time AND take personal ownership over their own reading development and improvement!