October Flew By on a Witch's Broom!

We just wrapped up a month of October festivities in my family. My daughter's birthday is in October and somehow she gets spoiled all.month.long. Seriously, it feels busier than December! We spent a weekend in Busch Gardens for Hallowscream, took her out to dinner on her birthday (complete with unnecessary chocolate ice cream), and invited her entire class and all the neighborhood kids over for a Monster Mash, Birthday Bash!

I made 42 witch hat cupcakes, 64 mummy dogs, and a dozen monster and Halloween themed carnival games for all of the kids to play in our back yard. I used pinterest inspiration more than I ever have in my life!

Needless to say, being the party planner in my family, my blog has been much neglected this month. I'm going to replace my feelings of guilt with the satisfaction that I pulled off a pretty amazing birthday party and made tons of memories with my family this month. I hope you did too!

If you didn't catch my last post, you might have missed that I did accomplish one big thing in October. I finally have a REAL-LIVE email up and running for my subscribers. In my first few emails, I decided to take the opportunity to introduce myself, talk about a few of the teaching topics I get passionate about {developing a love of reading, all things math instruction, using morning meeting to give our students a chance for personal development and to improve our classroom communities, and tips for fabulous science instruction--could you have guessed any of these?!?}, and share some pretty awesome freebies in each one of those intro emails. These are freebies that are exclusive to those who sign up for my email newsletter.  You can sign up here to grab your goodies and learn more about me!

I've continued working on revising the resources in my tpt store. After creating a Growth Mindset freebie for my newsletter subscribers, I decided all of my morning meeting themes could use an update. Right now, I am about halfway through with the 10 themes. I have updated the individual listings for my belonging, kindness, perseverance, conflict, and compassion theme sets and will update Morning Meeting Set 1 with the new pages by Thursday. So, you are going to want to re-download these themes if you have purchased them. I will work on updating the other 5 themes {all of Set 2} next week. You can find all of the themes here.

 And if you haven't read about my take on Morning Meetings, I wrote a 10 part blog series last summer that covers most aspects of implementing morning/community meetings into your classrooms. I LOVE my take on morning meetings because I get to integrate literacy and the common core standards for Themes in Literature. Community building and teaching my standards = win-win!

Another update I made in order to provide a special freebie to my newsletter subscribers was to freshen up my Ecosystems Vocabulary Mats resource. If you have not tried my Vocabulary Mats study strategy for science vocabulary, you might want to check these out. I developed them years ago to help my 5th graders practice and master science vocabulary for our end of grade science test. {It's a little secret, but these vocabulary mats are next on the list for resources that will be getting updates and improvements. I have plans to expand what's included in these resources. The price will go up, but not until I get to them, so if you grab them in the next month, you will receive MORE for free later!}

I have vocabulary mats for Weather Words (and tools), Energy and Matter, Force and Motion, Rocks and Minerals, Landforms, and Phases of the Moon.

Standards Based Math Assessments for Number and Operations in Base 10 5th Grade Common Core all operations

In the world of all things differentiated math assessments, I finally got my assessments for 5th Grade Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division for Decimals finished. It includes themed word problem assessment sets that I am just so in love with!

What's included in the 5th Grade ALL Operations Set? 

3 Test Versions for each of the Following Concepts:


♦ whole numbers and decimals

♦ Addition and Subtraction Multi-Step Word Problems with reference sheets and real-world data


♦ Multiplying with Whole Numbers

♦ Multiplying with Decimals

♦ Multiplication Multi-Step Word Problems with reference sheets and real-world data


♦ Dividing with Whole Numbers

♦ Dividing with Decimals

♦ Division Multi-Step Word Problems with reference sheets and real-world data

The three (so exciting!) themes for the word problems include:

♦ Movie Time (theater tickets and concessions)

♦ Grocery Store/Bagged Lunch Items

♦ Planets in Our Solar System

5th Grade Number and Operations in Base 10 Word Problems, Standards Based Assessments for Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying, and Dividing Whole Numbers and Decimals

Although I didn't get to blog as much as I would have liked, I did write about the 11 Things I think Teachers Should Stop Doing {all things I'm guilty of, of course!}. If you haven't read it yet, it might give you a laugh and help you reset your sanity as you go about trying to be the very best teacher you can be.

Advice for New Teachers 11 Things to Stop Doing

I also shared an update to a post that I wrote a long time ago about How I Run Student-Led Report Card Conferences. If you have not held your conferences yet and are looking for something fresh and exciting (that will probably get your adrenaline rushing too), you might check my approach out and give it a try.

Tips for Student Led Report Card Conferences {goal setting with parents, report cards}

Growth Mindset and quotations to inspire hard work and perseverance were a big theme for me on Instagram this month.

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Until next time!