My Newsletter is Finally up and RUNNING!

Have you ever wanted to get something new going in your classroom but you just can’t seem to find the time to do it? You know how awesome it would be for the kids and yourself, but when is that next teacher workday?!?!

Well, I know that feeling all too well because I spent my whole teaching life reflecting and tweaking and of course, dropping the ball from time to time. And that experience of not knowing when I’d get the time to really focus in and get to the important things is a lot like getting my Tarheelstate Teacher newsletter going.

I am so thankful and appreciative each time I get a notification that a teacher like you has shared their email with me. So, this past month, I finally said to myself “Girl, it is time. Stop letting yourself (and your people) down and get this thing going!”

My subscriber newsletter is finally up and running and the freebies are flowing for reading, math, morning meeting, and science!

So, let’s get on with it!

In my last blog post {about 11 things teachers should stop doing}, I shared a short little internet history. Way back to 2005 when I first started teaching! My point was that because of the internet and our ability to connect with one another, the teaching profession is no longer such a lonely place.

Today I am thankful for what the internet has done for the teaching profession. It gives me hope for new teachers just starting out and it makes me smile at the inspiration it provides for veteran teachers to keep themselves energized and on the cutting edge of classroom practices.

And yes, I know that all of the ideas can also cause #ideaoverwhelm. If you can learn to take the up side with the down side, you can tap into those amazing ideas when you need them, but guard your time and energy {from Pinterest ;)} when you are chugging along on your own. It’s okay not to do everything all the time.

I know that if you are here visiting my blog, you are a passionate teacher who puts her heart into her classroom. Welcome, friend! This is going to be inspiring and fun!

If you choose to subscribe to my newsletter today, I will be in touch over the next few weeks with a quick introduction of myself and my teaching passions.

I’ve even included a freebie with each email to let you know how much I appreciate you waiting on me to get my act together!

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Just so you know how special you are for subscribing, most of my future freebies will be exclusive to you, my BTF's (best teacher friends :), who have chosen to be on my email list. A lot of heart goes into my teaching resources and my blog posts and I am truly in awe at you for wanting to hang out with me and for wanting more!

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