Reflections and Resources from Tarheelstate Teacher: February 2016
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How Am I Using Leveled Math Assessments?

Find out how to used leveled math assessments in a variety of ways for your upper elementary 3rd, 4th, or 5th grade students. Great for covering standards! You'll be able to make the most of your math instruction to help your struggling learners, those on target, and some that need enrichment. Use these as a pre or post assessment, for centers or stations, and much more. Plus there's a FREE download within the post as well! {third, fourth, fifth graders - freebie} How am I using leveled math assessments...let me count the ways!

Hey ya'll. I'm still here. I've been thinking about blogging and posting and wanting to write so much, but it's been a tough and rough February health-wise and I've had trouble keeping up my weekly blogging schedule. Hopefully things are looking up and I can get back into my routine. I'm so in love with my leveled math assessment resources and I think you will see why in today's post.

Why I'm Switching to Leveled Math Assessments

Welcome to my 3 part series on Leveled Math Assessments. My Common Core Aligned leveled math assessments were created to provide teachers with a tool for assessing the depth of students’ proficiency within the standards and to help teachers more accurately and more easily communicate where a child is in relation to the expectations of their grade level’s standards. My first post focused on what a leveled math assessment is and today I'm focusing on why I'm committed to leveled math assessments in my classroom.


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