Reflections and Resources from Tarheelstate Teacher: Save 15% on Julia Cook books, Character Building Books, Music, and Games
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Save 15% on Julia Cook books, Character Building Books, Music, and Games

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Kara at Making Playtime Count is holding a back to school sale that I just didn’t want you to miss! You can save 15% on BOOKS, Games, and Music that are perfect for building character, using during morning meeting, and for using with your own children. It's such a great time to grab some of these books at a great price and if you are like me, you just can't resist adding a new book to your classroom library!

Making Playtime Count is owned by my friend Kara who I’ve known since college. I was even blessed enough to begin my teaching career at the same school as her where we taught together for 8 years. As first year teachers thrown into the same environment, we spent a lot of time supporting each other and chatting about teaching. I learned so much as I passed through the hall by her classroom. She’s always been a model teacher in my eyes, and now I'm excited to support her in her new journey focused on "Making Playtime Count" for kiddos. I can't wait to learn a ton from her experiences as a 2nd and 3rd grade teacher and a mommy of two little ones.

Here's a sneak peak at a few titles you might like: 

My Mouth is a VolcanoI know many of you are familiar with Julia Cook's books. My Mouth is a Volcano is one of my favorites for the beginning of the year! Louis' mouth is a volcano...or at least it feels that way to him. Louis feels that all of this thoughts are extremely important to him and need to be heard. In fact, when he has something to say his tongue pushes his words up against his teeth and he erupts, or interrupts whoever is speaking. My Mouth Is A Volcano empathizes with children who have the habit of interrupting all the time and models a fun technique to capture their impulsive thoughts and words in order to let them out when others are done talking. Louis' view of how it feels to be a volcano always erupting is humorous and entertaining for children, parents, and teachers while simultaneously teaching children the value of listening to others and waiting for appropriate times to speak.

Speak Up and Get Along! is basically a self-help book for kids. It gives clear, straightforward strategies that help kids express themselves, make and keep friends, end arguments and fights, stop teasing and bullying, deal with blame, and talk back to negative thoughts. Each tool is clearly described, illustrated with relate-able scenarios, and accompanied by dialogue and lines kids can practice and use. It would be a great addition to the classroom library and perfect as a quick reference with a small group or even the whole class as issues arise throughout the year! This looks like it would be perfect for my "girl power" lunch group that I held last year to help my girls bond a little more with one another. 

Cliques, Phonies, & Other Baloney is a chapter book that would be a great addition to an upper grades classroom library. The book is light-humored and filled with cartoon-like graphics that help illustrate concepts. It discusses what cliques are, how to determine real friends vs. “fake” ones, and gives great strategies for dealing with cliquey behavior and combating the instinct to squash individuality. Individualism is one of my morning meeting themes! This book looks perfect for showing my students how as we grow, we might have the desire to start becoming like everyone else, but it's important to stay true to ourselves! 

Making Friends Is an Art! is an adorable and humorous picture book that illustrates how it feels to feel left out or to have trouble making friends. {Something almost everyone deals with at some point in life!} Making Friends is an Art is a witty story where the main characters are all different colored pencils from the box. Brown, the main character, is jealous of the other colors because he feels each one brings something special to the table. This story would also make an interesting read aloud to reference in Writer’s Workshop because the author takes on the perspective of colored pencils to illustrate her point.

This offer ends on August 31st 
so hop over and make some choices for Back to School fast!

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